In Amare’s compensation plan, there are 8 ways to make money, from fast start bonuses to creating a legacy.

The March to A Million starts with you.

Fast Start Bonuses

Brand Partners can earn more than $500 by introducing Amare’s products to new people and retaining customers and Brand Partners. 

How to Get the First Order Bonus

Place an order for the first time. 

What is the First Order Bonus?

These are generous bonuses that help you earn income quickly in order to get your business thriving right away. Amare’s first order bonus is designed to help you earn income really quickly as you introduce new customers and brand Partners to Amare’s products. 

You will be rewarded on that first commissionable volume order. 

If these people are your Level One, you will earn 20%. 

The second upline enroller earns you 10%.

The third upline in roller earns you 5%. 

This means that not only is it beneficial for you to be enrolling new customers and brand Partners, but all of your personal enrollments will earn you commissions as well. 

How to Get the Unilevel Bonuses

Unilevel Bonuses are varied between 1% and 5%. Between levels one and four, you will earn 5% on the commissionable volume.

On levels five and six you will earn 4%.

On level seven you will earn 3%.

On level eight you will earn 2%.

On levels nine and ten you will earn 1%.

How to Get the Me & Three Bonus

The Me & Three Bonus is paid monthly. Me & Three is built to be one of the primary methods of operation; if you can’t enroll five people every month, enroll three.

How Does the Me & Three Bonus Work?

Earn a $100 Bonus when you introduce products and enroll three Customers or Brand Partners who purchase on Subscribe & Save with at least 100 PV in the same month. You must also have a 600 PTV, which will show up in your back office.

If you don’t enroll three people in one month, but you have active Brand Partners or Customers you have personally enrolled, plus the 600 PTV, then you earn $50.

How to Get the Team Group Bonus

Earn an additional $250 when you have three people on your team who also have Me & Three. 

How to Get the Focus on Five Bonus

Focus on Five is how you start to unlock the compensation plan even further. You will earn the First Level Bonus + Me & Three Bonus + Unilevel Commissions. Enroll five new Customers or Brand Partners who place at least a 100 PV Subscribe & Save Order each month. This will earn you $500 in bonuses.

Personal Customer Bonuses

When you have $9,000 or more in personal customer bonuses, between the First Order Bonus and the Customer Bonus, you will earn up to 38% in commissions. When First Order Bonuses kick in, the total payout varies between 20% and 38%.  

Social Selling Bonuses

Social Selling Bonuses are your Personal Customer Volume (PCV). You can earn and rank advance without building a team.

Combined with the First Order Bonus and Unilevel Bonus, you can earn up to 38% in commissions on any amount over $9,000 in product sales. You can even earn a trip to the annual International Incentive event. 

There is a minimum monthly reward, so as you advance to Silver, Gold, and Platinum, you can earn $1,000 or $2,500 as you advance in rank.

Love Your Journey Bonus

Earn rewards and cash prizes at every single rank. You can earn rewards by achieving a rank and maintaining it for at least three months. Starting at Silver, you can earn things like International Trips, shopping sprees, and cash bonuses. 

Silver: worth $500

Platinum: worth $2,000

Leader: worth $3,000

Senior Leader: worth $5,000

Executive: worth $7,000

Diamond: worth $10,000

One-Star Diamond: worth $12,500

Two-Star Diamond: worth $15,000

Three-Star Diamond: worth $17,500

Presidential Diamond: worth $20,000

Car Program

Choose a car of your choice. You can choose a vehincle leasing option at the rank of Executive Leader and higher.

Path to Paradise Program

The Path to Paradise Program annually earns you a free trip, like Panama or Antigua. 

Earn vacations, prizes, and cash bonuses that can be deposited into your bank account as you go, depending on that year’s contest rules. You will at least be able to offset that trip’s cost.

Dual Compression System

Dual Compression combines the best of Standard Compression and Dynamic Compression. As you grow with Amare, you will get paid up to 10 levels deep. The Dual Compression System ensures that all 35% of the unilevel volume is paid out at that rank title. 

If someone beneath you stops growing, the system will dig down and push those commissions upward. 

Dual Compression: compresses the non-qualified in active Brand Partner & compresses people for who don’t qualify for a specific payout, allowing you to be paid deeper within your organization. 

Standard Compression: when someone is not qualified (they don’t have 100 PV) to receive payment in their downline. They’re stuck there, so you won’t get that payout.

Go Forward Infinity Bonus

After you hit Diamond, you’re paid 1% on all levels, 11 and lower. This includes new “legs” under a leg, or a completely separate leg, but you will get paid infinity levels deep.

Bonus Pools

Earn Bonus Pools at different ranks based on the company revenue, up to 4% of all commissionable volume for the entire company.

Mentor, Leader, and Global Ambassador Pools

At the rank of Gold, Silver, and Platinum, you can earn between one and five shares of 2% of the entire company’s commissionable volume at the level of Senior Leader, Executive Leader, Diamond, One-Star, Two-Star, and Three-Star Diamond, plus Presidential Diamond.

We take another 2% of the company’s commissionable volume and you can earn between 2 and 15 shares of the Leader Pool. Plus you can earn extra shares when you help to rank advance your team.

Mentor Pool

In the Mentor Pool at Silver, Gold, and Platinum, you earn an additional share every time your personally enrolled person advances to Brand Builder.

Leader Pool

Between Leader and Presidential Diamond, you can earn a 1x share for each new Silver that you promote. 

Global Ambassador Pool

At Diamond, One-, Two-, Three-Star, and Presidential Diamond, you take 4% of the company’s commissionable volume, shares between 1 and 5 shares, depending on the rank, and you get an extra share worth about $3,000 for every new Gold that you rank advance. 

Subscribe & Save Rewards 

Subscribe & Save rewards are worth between 10% & 25% of your overall order. When you have been on Subscribe & Save for 13 months or more, you will earn a full 25% in your Subscribe & Save Rewards that you can use to build your business, send out gifts, and more, that will also help you build more points for personal usage. 

Amare Minimum Monthly Rewards

Minimum monthly rewards are incentives that get you going. They are intended for Brand Builders all the way up to Platinum.

Brand Builder Minimum Monthly Rewards

Your Brand Builder minimum monthly reward is 75 Subscribe & Save points 

Bronze Level Minimum Monthly Rewards

Your Bronze minimum monthly reward is 200 Subscribe & Save Points.

Silver Level Minimum Monthly Rewards

Your Silver minimum monthly reward is 200 Subscribe & Save Points plus $1,000. 

Gold Level Minimum Monthly Rewards

Your Gold minimum monthly reward is 200 Subscribe & Save Points plus $2,000.

Platinum Minimum Monthly Rewards

Your Platinum minimum monthly reward is 200 Subscribe & Save Points and $2,500.

Two Career Paths with Amare’s New Compensation Plan

If you have big influence and don’t want to build a team, get rewarded up to 38% on customer volume only. 

Amare X Program

If you have more than 15,000 on social media, you can apply for the Amare X Program, which allows you to create custom landing pages, custom codes, trainings, and free products that you can use to grow your business. 

Brand Promoter

If you don’t have big influence, you can still build a team and earn bonuses, prizes, and even International trips as a Brand Partner. 

Want to know more about Amare’s Compensation plan? Check this handout!