Mood. Motivation. Metabolism. Amare EDGE is the game changer that will transform your everyday life.

EDGE is a powder you mix into your water to instantly improve your mood, motivation, and metabolism. It also supplies brain power and physical energy and even provides anti-aging benefits and loss of belly fat over time. EDGE Grape gives you the same benefits as original Edge in convenient, on-the-go stick packs.

The new EDGE Grape is very similar to the original watermelon because it has the three key ingredients from Africa, Asia, and Central America. These key ingredients address one of the toughest things in our modern mental, mental state: that we just feel like we are languishing, not flourishing. Languishing is the existence of both mental health problems, mental illness problems, etc. So we can use Edge to help us overcome that “blah” feeling.


Like original EDGE, you’ll still get an all-natural nootropic, a cognitive enhancer that helps to support motivation. They are supplements and other supplements that have a positive impact on mental skills, help to improve executive function, help us hold our attention, are good for memory, creativity, and motivation in healthy individuals.

Ingredient Highlights

Mango Leaf

Mango leaf contains xanthones to support mental and physical energy levels. It contains a long history of use in tropical areas where mangoes are grown as a body and brain tonic that helps to elevate mental and physical energy levels. Mango leaf extracts have been shown to be very high in anti-inflammatory compounds called xanthones that have been used in more than seven clinical trials showing enhanced cognitive performance, better brain electrophysiology, and improved reaction times. Mango leaf extract also helps with sports performance, allowing for better power output, reduced fatigue and accelerated post exercise recovery.

Palm Fruit Extract

Palm fruit extract decreases oxidative stress to support normal blood pressure. Palm fruit bioactives contain a unique collection of those water soluble polyphenols. Shikimic acid supports total cardiac output, decreased workload, and pressure on the heart and a reduction in oxidative and inflammatory stress that helps you to preserve mental wellness. Preclinical research in animals has demonstrated that the antioxidant properties of palm fruit bioactives, which includes increasing the specific activity of phase ii detoxifying enzymes, can also decrease the level of reactive oxygen species in the body and increase the level of intracellular glutathione and heme oxygenase, which all can profoundly protect the delicate heart and brain cells from cellular stress.

We know that the beta amyloid peptide is key in the decrease of brain function over time, and it eventually can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Palm fruit bioactives have been shown to inhibit beta amyloid aggregation, which helps to protect the brain from age induced damage. Palm fruit bioactives have also been shown to increase levels of nitric oxide, synthase and lead to higher levels of nitric oxide, which dilates our blood vessels, improving oxygen delivery to the heart, muscles and brain. It improves physical performance and our mental fitness overall. We also know that when moderately stressed people supplement with palm fruit bioactives, they have a dramatic increase in oxidation reduction potential, suggesting that the palm fruit bioactives can directly protect cells from stress, and they can also enhance the internal cellular machinery that allows the cells to protect themselves.

Lychee Fruit Extract

Lychee fruit extract contains polyphenols that reduce stress hormones and reduce body weight. It is highly concentrated in polyphenols that are well absorbed out of our body. This includes kin, catechin monomers as well as proanthocyanidin monomers. These have been shown in more than two dozen clinical trials to reduce body weight, reduce waist circumference, reduce belly fat, etc. Lychee fruit also reduces cortisol and inflammatory cytokines, interleukin six and interleukin 1 beta. In a four week randomized controlled trial, after four weeks and after 12 weeks, lychee fruit extract was shown to improve skin tone, improved texture, improved smoothness, and improved resiliency. It reduces the appearance of acne and the appearance of wrinkles, both the length and the depth of the wrinkles.

We know that we have that increase in BDNF, which is a major contributor to the plasticity of our brain. This BDNF has also been associated with an improved mood, improved memory, as well as substantial improvements in the psychological mood state. This suggests that there is a dual benefit between the heart and the brain when you’re using the flavonoids found in palm fruit bioactives.


ISO fiber is ISO oligosaccharides, which is in several different products. These are prebiotic fibers that help to grow specific probiotic strains that are good for mental wellness

Amare Edge Proprietary Blend 200 mg

  • Zynamite® Mango Leaf (Mangifera indica) Extract – from Africa; contains highly anti-inflammatory xanthones that help to provide mental flow while improving psychological motivation as well as physical performance
  • Oligonol® Lychee Fruit (Litchi chinensis) Extract – from Asia; helps with physical and mental endurance; helps to improve glucose, metabolism, and can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots
  • PFBCⓇ Palm Fruit (Elaeis guineensis) Bioactives Complex – from South America; bioactives sourced from a sustainably harvested palm fruit; contains a water-soluble flavonoid called Shikimic acid to improve brain-derived neurotrophic factors; helps to improve neuron regeneration; help to produce dopamine, improve mood and support microbiome balance

Other Ingredients

  • Tartaric acid – for grape flavor
  • IsoFiber Prebiotic Fiber (so-Mallo-Oligosaccharides Natural Sweetener Blend (Xylitol, (From Birch Tree Extract), Stevia Extract, Katemfe Fruit Extract (used for hundreds of years to sweeten foods))
  • Natural Flavors Blend (Watermelon and Beet Juice, Citric Acid, Malic Acid; Rice Fiber Contains: Wychee (tree nut))
  • Manufactured from lychee skin and pulp, not seed

How to Use

All you have to do is mix your EDGE into water or your favorite beverage. You can take it between 2 and 4 times a day.

If you’re deciding between grape or watermelon, the biggest difference is the packaging and flavor profile.

Both contain no calories, sugar, caffeine, GMOs, soy, dairy, gluten, animal products, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

The most common side effect that I hear about from EDGE is heartburn. If that happens to you, just be sure that you’re taking it with food or only take a half a dose.

It is available in the Happy Juice Pack, Transformation Pack, and Happy Mind Pack.

Companion Product

I love pairing EDGE with Amare’s Fundamentals Pack to support overall mood and improve gut health.

How to Order

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