GBX Foods System helps round out your daily nutrition, while providing additional gut-brain axis support.

What It’s For

The GBX Foods System includes the following products:

GBX Protein: Delivers 17 grams of pure plant protein. This unique chickpea, brown rice and pea protein blend nourishes good bacteria in the gut and improves microbiome balance. It also helps control appetite and supports muscle mass. Fully-loaded with only functional ingredients, this potent formula supports the gut microbiome, helping fuel a healthy lifestyle.

GBX SuperFood: Provides the phytonutrients that provide anti-stress benefits and help protect cells from a variety of different stressors, helping the brain and gut run at peak efficiency.

GBX SeedFiber: The next-generation approach to optimizing the gut-brain axis. This phytobiotic-rich formula contains seeds as sources of natural microbiome-boosting fibers, helping you feel fuller, longer. This unique blend helps manage feelings of stress, tension and anxiety.