If you have a history of gut dysfunction, easing into Amare products may be a good idea. This video will give you instructions for starting with Amare when your gut needs a complete overhaul.

If you have any indication that your gut is really unhealthy at baseline, or if you are sharing with someone who has a longstanding history of gut dysfunction, you may want to start them on an introductory protocol before you just have them dive headlong into Happy Juice and supplementing with MentaSync and MentaFocus, which can upset your stomach.

This simple 10-day total protocol will help you and your friends get started when your gut is jacked.

How Can I Ease Into Amare If My Gut is Unhealthy?

To ease into Amare supplements, start by taking Digestive as well as Reboot+. 

You are going to start on day one with your reboot protocol, which is clearly written out inside of the packaging. You can also watch the video here on Learn Amare to go through it. 

For the three days that you’re on Reboot+, take two Digestive capsules with breakfast, two with lunch, and two with dinner. 

Once you’re done with Reboot+ three days later, continue taking Digestive in this manner for seven more days.

What If I’m Intermittent Fasting?

If you practice intermittent fasting, you’re going to take two while you’re fasting, two with lunch and two with dinner, or however you choose to fast. 

Additional Resources

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