In the world of network marketing, the Amare approach stands out as a beacon of authenticity. We’re not about pushing products with high-pressure tactics or twisting arms until they break. No one wants that. 

We understand that feeling: the awkwardness of a friend urging you to do something you’re not quite sold on. That’s not what Amare is about. 

Amare is all about attracting those who resonate with our mission, those who genuinely want to be part of the Mental Wellness Movement.

How to Embrace the Authentic Amare Approach

Explore the actionable steps to embody our distinctive network marketing philosophy, here at the company of love. 

In this video, learn how to establish authentic connections, provide purpose-driven guidance, and lead others towards meaningful transformations.

1. Positivity Over Pressure

Picture this: You’re not a used car salesman. You’re not here to pressure anyone into anything. That’s not how we operate at Amare. We’re not looking for salespeople; we’re seeking individuals who believe in our mission and want to make a positive change in their lives.

2. Seeking the Desire for Wellness

Amare is a community for those who want to feel better, both mentally and physically. We’re not here to convince your friends and family, and we understand that. Not everyone will jump on board, and that’s perfectly okay. We’re focused on connecting with people who genuinely aspire to better themselves.

3. Guiding the Wellness Transformation

Imagine each of us as a character in a story. We all have desires, needs, and goals, but we might not know how to achieve them. That’s where you come in – as Donad Miller says: you’re the guide, not the hero. Your role is to help others find their path to a better version of themselves.

4. Authority with Amare & Empathy with Leads

To guide effectively, you need two essential qualities: authority and empathy. Your authority comes from using Amare products and experiencing their benefits firsthand, as well as holding the knowledge of Amare. Simultaneously, your empathy allows you to connect with the struggles and aspirations of others. You’ve been there; you know what it’s like.

5. Crafting a Solution-Oriented Narrative

Think of your approach as a movie script. The protagonist desires transformation and meets a guide (you) who holds the key to that change. Be the Genie to their Aladdin. Offer a simple, clear plan – attend a webinar, explore specific products – to lead them on their journey.

6. Market Solutions, Not Products

Remember, people buy solutions, not products. Identify their pain points – whether it’s sleep troubles, low energy, or stress – and offer products that genuinely address these issues. Show them how your plan can take them from their current struggles to a place of improvement.

7. Leading Your Amare Team with Purpose

Amare is driven by purpose – the pursuit of enhanced mental wellness and overall health. This is the ‘why’ behind what we do. Remember, when you lead with your ‘why,’ it becomes a powerful tool to connect with others who share your values.

8. Clarify Your Message & Call to Action

Every journey needs a first step. Your plan should include a clear, actionable call to action. Invite them to a webinar, a casual chat, or another interaction that aligns with their goals. Keep the steps simple to avoid overwhelming them.

9. Inspire Transformation or Address Fear

Motivate your audience by highlighting the promise of transformation. Paint a picture of their journey from their current state (point A) to their desired outcome (point B). Alternatively, create a gentle sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) by subtly emphasizing that inaction could mean staying where they are.

10. Emphasize Genuine Connection and Growth

In this network marketing journey, it’s not about you. It’s about connecting with others and guiding them toward the transformation they seek. You’re the catalyst for their growth and the partner on their journey to betterment.

Build Your Amare Team – For Real

This is the authentic world of Amare. We’re not just a product line; we’re a community united by our commitment to mental wellness. Be the guide who leads others to a happier, healthier life. Remember, you’re not here to sell; you’re here to share positive change. Your journey, and theirs, starts now.