Get a Little Chatty

Messaging people using Facebook Messenger is a powerful way to connect with your audience. You can chat with people in real-time, send photos and videos, and even make voice and video calls.

One of the main benefits of using Messenger is its convenience. You can chat with people no matter where they are in the world, without worrying about international calling fees or time zone differences. Plus, with Messenger’s robust messaging features, you can stay organized and easily find important conversations.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of messaging people in Messenger is the intimacy it provides. Unlike public posts or comments, Messenger conversations are private and personal. This makes it a great tool for building relationships and staying connected with people.

Today, private message a Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday on your Facebook today. 

You want to actually message them through Facebook messenger and not post on their wall. The more interactions you have with someone on messenger, the more of your posts Facebook shows them. 

Start with a simple Happy Birthday 🎉 once they respond, get the conversation going. Ask them if they have any plans for their day or a simple, “How have you been?”