Close the Month STRONG.

Let’s dive into why the end of the month is crucial in this business. Your Amare business operates on a monthly sales cycle. This means that commissions, bonuses, and all the other amazing incentives are calculated based on our volume at the end of each month. Therefore, the end of the month marks the deadline for distributors to achieve their sales goals and qualify for bonuses.

The end of the month also sets the tone for the next month. When we finish strong in one month, that momentum typically carries into the next month. This gives us a head start towards achieving our goals.

Let’s get ready for the end of the month!

Check your numbers and help your team check their numbers using the Amare Builder app. Make sure to check your customer volume too! Hitting the higher percentages and ranks pays a lot more, so strive for the next mark if you are close!

Check your ambassadors and your teams ambassadors. Make sure everyone has their two ambassadors or they are not commissions qualified. Help them get that second person! 

Let’s close out strong!