Boost Engagement by Asking a Question.

Are you ready for another fun task? Today, we want you to ask your social media friends an open-ended question. People love to share their opinions, so ask them something like, “What’s your favorite movie?” or “Who was your first celebrity crush?”

And don’t forget to pair your question with an eye-catching and bright image to grab people’s attention!

Now, here’s the important part: DO NOT POST AND GHOST. After you post, make sure you have 10-20 minutes to interact with everyone who comments. Comment authentically with 4 words or more to boost your algorithm.

Pro Tip: Immediately after you post, LOVE and COMMENT on your own post with 4 words or more. We know it might feel weird, but it works! And remember, practice makes perfect.

So, let’s get those open-ended questions posted and start interacting with our social media friends. We can’t wait to see what kind of conversations you spark!