Leveraging a Monthly Cycle for Growth

Structuring your month is clutch when you are building a network marketing company. Understanding the continuous monthly cycle will help you focus your efforts on the most important tasks throughout the month to maximize your growth and success.

Today’s task is to identify the various tasks you should focus on at the beginning, middle, and end of the month.

Beginning – Set the month up for success

  • Focus on personal enrollments, and aim to achieve Focus on 5 by the 15th of every month to set yourself up for achieving the Perfect 10 by month end.

Middle – This is the time for personal work

  • Perseverance is key to continue pushing through at this time of the month. Focus on your motivation for growing your business and dig deep to continue!
  • Work on team maintenance, such as: getting suspended accounts unsuspended, checking and resolving customer credit card declines, identifying and reaching out to leaders in your team who are close to reaching a goal or those who may need a little extra TLC.

End – Now’s the time to shift gears towards helping your team

  • Double check that all S&S orders have been processed and reach out to those who haven’t. 
  • Identify leaders who are close to achieving Me & 3 or Focus on 5, and help them get there.
  • Leverage monthly promos and social media to push towards your goals for the month.

Throughout the month, it’s important to utilize reports in the backoffice to help you see what’s happening in your business on a daily basis. Check out this video for a run-down of some of the most useful reports to help you evaluate your ongoing progress towards your goals.