Let’s get down to business.

Do you have your list of prospects? This is a list of potential Ambassadors and Customers. 

All growth and development in this business is grown from your prospect list! This list must have 100 names minimum, NO LESS! The reason is very simple… It is about numbers because the law of averages states so.

Most online marketing gurus and other experts will tell you this, “if you are doing any business anywhere and are not creating a list, you are insane.”

I couldn’t agree more!

Do you need help generating your list or adding names to your list? Try this proven strategy: 

Think of ten people you know from 10 different categories. DO NOT PREJUDGE! This means simply that you should not decide beforehand who you think will be suited or who will not be suited for this business, who will be good or bad, who is too well off or too worse off for it – just write down the names – period!

Category Ideas (you can use these or come up with your own categories):

  • Family members
  • Closest friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Social media friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Friends from hobbies
  • Church members
  • High School friends
  • Mom/dad friends
  • College or University friends
  • New referrals (through prospecting)

By doing this, I am sure you will find that you have way more than the initial hundred you dreaded in the first place!

The idea is to keep adding to this list as often as possible. Do not stop once you reach one hundred.

Pro Tip: Whenever someone reaches out to me about a product or the business, I add them to my list. I keep a running list on my cell phone (since it’s always with me) and then I update my paper copy once I’m at home.

Comment DONE below once you have your list done ⬇️