All About Vision Boards

Welcome to our fun and exciting challenge! Today we’re talking about vision boards and how they can help us manifest our dreams into reality. So grab some magazines, glue sticks, and a poster board, and let’s get started!

But wait, there’s more! We’re partnering with Amare Global to offer some amazing prizes for our Love Your Journey challenge. Earn Path to Paradise points and use them to redeem prizes like wellness retreats, adventure trips, and more! What will you choose?

And now, for a fun question to ask your social media audience: if you had a $1000 shopping spree, what would you buy? Would it be clothes, gadgets, or something else entirely? We can’t wait to hear your answers!

So, start creating your vision board and share it with us using the hashtag #LoveYourJourney and tag us in your post. Don’t forget to ask your audience about their shopping spree wishlist and engage with them in the comments. Let’s make our dreams a reality together!