Developing a daily routine is helpful when it comes to sharing with others about Amare products. I’m going to walk you through what Amare supplements I take regularly, sometimes, and as needed. 

Use this video to learn how you can use your routine to talk to others about your favorite products as well as what you recommend. 

As you are sharing the love of Amare’s products, it’s very important for you to have a clear understanding of your routine, how to use the products, and how you can mix and match to meet other people’s needs.

Amare Morning Routine

I take Happy Juice every day, without fail. I have tried the original, but I prefer to take the sugar free version. I drink Happy Juice 2-3 times per day. 

How Long Does Happy Juice Stay Fresh?

There is some debate about how long it takes before the Mentabiotics begins to degrade in Happy Juice. While you can mix up Happy Juice for a few hours, you really don’t want to be mixing up like a batch for the week.

I bite the bullet and make it fresh every time that I drink it because that’s when it’s going to be the most potent and the most efficacious.

Amare Kids FundaMentals

If MentaBiotics is either out of stock or if I don’t have it, I have used two scoops of Kids’ Fundamentals. Kids FundaMentals is more citrusy than MentaBiotics. 

Amare Edge

Grape is good, but I prefer watermelon flavored Edge. I tend to do a little bit more than a scoop, and combine it with the Pomegranate. 

Amare Energy+

Lime Energy+ is my preferred flavor. 

Before Hiking

  1. 1 GBX Fit capsule
  2. 2 Ignite capsules
  3. 2 MentaHeart capsules
  4. 2-4 OmMega capsules

Do Amare Supplements Break My Fast?

I would need to wear a continuous glucose monitor to find out if these supplements breaks my fast.

Amare Afternoon Routine


Because I took MentaBiotics in the morning, I tend to take Probiotics in the afternoon.

Amare Supplements After a Meal

Mood+, MentaSync, MentFocus

These supplements tend to upset my stomach so I prefer to take them after eating. 

VitaGBX or Kids VitaGBX

I’ll typically come back in the afternoon to take VitaGBX or Kids VitaGBX. I eat them like a Pixy Stix candy.

Amare Nighttime Routine


I adore Sleep+. I take four capsules each night.

Occasional Amare Supplements


All digestive issues lead to Digestive. I will take one capsule for digestive-related issues. I prefer to take this when I eat as well, but I don’t take it every morning. 

But there is something to be said about the science of taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach because you can sometimes help to get rid of some junk that’s built up in your system.


Sometimes I take Relief+ with my morning routine, but other days I don’t. 

Hemp GBX

I will use Hemp GBX perhaps after I exercise or if I have any soreness or muscle tension, I will have that as well.


I take Reboot+ the first to the third of the month. 

Some people say that you can’t do a Reboot more than quarterly. The package says monthly. 

Caution with Reboot+

Reboot+ can be addictive. It can cause your bowels give up on creating their own muscle movements. They are trying to save your life by helping your body evacuate.. And when you evacuate, you’re also evacuating water. So gut peristalsis of your slows down.

GBX Protein Smoothies

I also tend to make smoothies throughout the day. I prefer the salted caramel alongside mango. 

I might add SuperFoods.

I always add SeedFiber, MentaBiotics, and occasionally Hemp GBX+. I like to sneak vegetables and fruits in the smoothies, especially in the chocolate protein powder.

What Does Your Amare Routine Look Like?

Ready to fill out your own supplement routine? We have a PDF for you! Take a look at what others take daily for their Amare supplements, and make your own routine.