Social media can be a powerful tool in network marketing. But it takes a lot more than a few posts to really reach your audience. 

Why is Nobody Engaging with My Social Posts?

Nobody sees the content that you post on social media. Nobody sees the content I post on social media and I have more than half a million social media followers. 

One discouraging thing in this industry is when you realize that you’re constantly sharing without getting a response. It’s because nobody’s seeing what you’re sharing. 

How Often Should I Post?

That’s why you have to consistently show up time after time, sharing the same messages at least once or twice a week. 

I talk about Amare products in stories, share on podcast ads, send emails about them, and make reels that make people ask questions about the products.

Create Engagement on Social Media Over Time

It’s like putting up a billboard and expecting the whole city to see it the first day, right? You have to be consistent in what you are doing, and you simply must continue to share, share, share. 

If you haven’t done it yet, or if you haven’t done it in two to three months, go to the resources section and get access to the 7 Day Social Media Challenge. There are examples and handouts, as well as videos that will teach you how to re-engage in network marketing, a business of repetition.

Be consistent, because when we start with consistency, we are able to create that engagement over time. 

Additional Amare Social Media Support

Remember Laura Evans teaches a call every Tuesday. 

Be on the lookout for your weekly emails with links to those social media workshop calls.

Come check out the Social Media Challenge to practice some techniques that will help you improve your social media presence.