Waiting to see results that seem like they will never come?

There are some products that Amare offers that work really fast, and others that take time. In this class we discuss which products can make you feel better fast and which ones need weeks to months to fully kick in.

Often, when you’ve been taking supplements that you think aren’t working, you haven’t given them enough time to work.

Amare Product Phased Benefits

Happy Juice Early Benefits

Let’s start with Happy Juice. In the first month, you’ll probably start to notice some mental clarity, reduce stress, improved mood, and the improvements in the gut brain immune communication. In month two is where you might start to experience the decreased fatigue, the improved endurance, increased serotonin, and this is really where we start to see the growth of all the diverse probiotics that are in now in our gut. 

Happy Juice 90-Day Benefits

It’s going to take a full 90 days until you’re starting to see the benefits of improved cognition, decreased nervous system inflammation, improved nerve regeneration, and the reductions in belly fat.

GBX Fit 2-Pack Early Benefits

Pretty quickly you’re going to start to have that reduction in the belly bloat and inflammation, fewer food cravings and reduce stress, but it’s going to take longer before you start to have improved dopamine levels, better sleep improvements in the beneficial bacteria, etc.

GBX Fit 2-Pack 90-Day Benefits

By the time you’re at three months, this is where we start to restore our gut barrier function, where the reductions in belly fats start to appear, and this is where we support our overall weight loss.

Happy Hormones Pack Early Benefits

When you first start using happy hormones, you’re going to have a healthy, positive mood reductions in belly bloat.

Happy Hormones Pack 90-Day Benefits

It’s going to take another month or so before the serotonin and dopamine production begins to ramp up before you start to see that normal sexual desire and weight loss support as well as hormone production with even further down the road.

Fast-Acting Supplements 

Other supplements that work relatively more quickly are digestive enzymes. The omega-3 fatty acids basically start to have their impact fairly quickly, but you still to maintain the impact of it, have to continue to use them consistently across the board for at least 90 days. If you peel back and start taking less, you’re going to end up lessening the benefits of the products. Don’t do that. 

Stay on the products, stick with it and talk to your enroller if you’re experiencing any difficulties, because we oftentimes can mitigate any side effects early on and use the 90-day period to ramp you up to full doses of everything that you want to be taking.