Why Subscribe and Save Matters

No matter when you embarked on your Amare journey, now is the perfect moment to set up your subscribe and save order. Wondering why? Well, it’s a smart move, especially considering that not all products exhibit immediate effects. 

Some require time and consistency for their transformative powers to take hold. Consistency is key in nurturing your gut-brain access and achieving optimal mental wellness through product usage.

With subscribe and save, you’re in for multiple perks. Firstly, enjoy a generous 10% discount on all your selected products. 

But that’s not all. Dive into the Bundle and Save realm, where you can unlock savings of up to a remarkable 54% on the products you’re stocking up on.

Earn Points as You Shop

And here’s the real icing on the cake. By subscribing and saving, you’ll earn points back on your orders. These points are essentially cash equivalents you can use for future purchases. The point-earning process is structured as follows:

  • In the initial four months, earn 10% back in subscribe and save points.
  • From month five to month eight, enjoy 15% back.
  • Months nine through twelve, relish a 20% return.
  • After thirteen months, experience an impressive 25% in subscribe and save rewards.

Accelerate Rewards with Enrollments

What’s truly exciting is how these rewards can skyrocket, thanks to the power of sharing Amare with others. By enrolling friends with Financial Wellness Packs, especially the launch pack, you can swiftly ascend to the 25% subscribe and save rewards tier, bypassing the traditional thirteen-month wait period.

Qualify and Redeem

Qualifying for Subscribe and Save rewards is easy. If you’re a Customer, simply ensure your monthly order is at least $50. For Wellness Partners, the requirement is a subscribe and save order of at least 100 PV or roughly $129. 

As your rewards accumulate, they can be redeemed for free Amare products. Log in to your back office, find your rewards tally, and exchange them for products of your choice—no complications, just free rewards to enhance your Amare journey.

Optimize Your Timing for Success

While on the subject of subscribe and save, there’s another strategy that could significantly aid you, especially if you’re considering building a business. Shift your subscribe and save order to the start of the month, ideally before the 10th. This timing aligns with the company’s monthly cycle, allowing ample time to address any shipping concerns and giving you space to reorder products before running low. This practice ensures you receive your products on time, and if business-building is your focus, this timely approach can alleviate stress and boost your advancement through the ranks.

Your Amare journey becomes even more rewarding with subscribe and save. Not only do you gain access to discounted products, substantial rewards, and efficient timing, but you’re also optimizing your wellness pursuit and, potentially, your business growth. Elevate your experience with Amare through this smart shopping choice.