Happy Juice is a collection of three different products: 

How to Use Happy Juice

Making Happy Juice is simple. Combine the three products in a glass and stir.

Benefits of Happy Juice

This special blend is designed to lift your mood, ease stress, and boost your energy. By combining natural ingredients like mood-boosting plants, stress-relieving herbs, and nutrient-packed superfoods, Happy Juice takes care of your emotional well-being in a wholesome way. 

Improve your mood, manage stress, and embrace a more balanced life with every sip of this life-changing drink.


MentaBiotics is a collection of prebiotic, probiotic, and phytobiotic supplements that are specifically designed to boost your mental wellness. 

When you use MentaBiotics, your cortisol lowers, dopamine increases, serotonin increases, nervous system inflammation decreases, and you get to enjoy better GABA (the primary relaxatory neurotransmitter) signaling. 

You also populate your gut with diverse probiotics that support your mental wellness through the gut-brain axis.

EDGE Benefits

EDGE provides instant mental clarity, mental efficiency, and the reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and belly fat over time.

One major benefit is that it works fast, but when you stick with it you gain even more vitality.

Energy+ Benefits

Most energy drinks on the market are packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high amounts of caffeine. 

Energy+ contains none of those things. You will eliminate the post-caffeine jitters but still get clean energy to face the day.

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