In order to get those YES’s, you have to be prepared to hear a lot of NO’s.

If you feel like you are consistently hearing “no” and starting to feel frustrated, watch this video to learn how you might consider changing your approach, the main reasons people say no, and how to overcome those objections so you start hearing “yes” more often.

Why Are People Saying “No” to Amare?

It can be very frustrating in network marketing when people are constantly telling you no. 

There is usually one of two things happening. 

Asking the Wrong Questions

First, you may not be asking the questions that help to understand the problems your prospects are facing and not showing the prospects clearly enough how they can solve these problems using Amare’s supplements.

If you can’t figure out their problems, then you’re never going to even get to the ask. 

Be prepared for objections

Be sure that you’re asking a lot of questions and be prepared for the most common objections about why people don’t buy the products.

“It’s too expensive”

Cost only matters in the absence of value. So if they’re telling you that it’s too expensive, you haven’t given them a strong enough value proposition.

“What if I don’t like it?”

This is where you want to leverage the money-back guarantee. Maybe you just offer to buy the products back: “If you don’t like them, I’ll buy them from you.” You can offer that or just leverage Amare’s money back guarantee. 

“What if I don’t have support?”

This is where you can talk about our community’s team, where we get together, we teach meetings, we have our Facebook groups, and our WhatsApp groups. We’re getting together at events. 

When people need to know that they have a place to ask questions, be sure that they know that Learn Amare exists. It’s one of the key benefits that our team has compared to other teams.

“I need to confirm with someone else before I purchase.”

If they need to ask someone else before making a decision, ask them to put a timeline on that.

“I just want samples.”

They are telling you no without telling you no. If people are saying, “I need samples,” you say “You buy it, and if you don’t like it, you can send it back.”

Asking Prospects Too Fast

You may have experienced this: You make a post about Happy Juice, and you’re very excited. Someone likes your post, so you immediately go to your direct messages and send them your link to go shopping. The problem is that they weren’t prepared for that.

Think of sales like dating. You don’t ask somebody to marry you on the first date. You have to build up to that point. Even if you know you want to marry that person on the first date, you tend to keep that to yourself because people will think you’re crazy. It’s the same thing with sales. Why don’t you pop into your direct messages and say, “Thank you so much for liking my post. I’m so excited to hear from you. How is life?” 

Ask Good Questions

How to Handle Direct Messages

Here’s an example: 

My ideal client sends me a message: “I’m a pharmacist. I hate my job. I’m looking to have a more natural approach. How do I get started?” 

She directly told me that she was my ideal client and that she trusted me enough to give her a solution that would work for her.

I did not immediately send her a message with my link asking, “Do you like network marketing? Join me.” Instead, I said, “Tell me more about why you’re looking to get out of the practice of pharmacy. Tell me more because I don’t know.” She might have a completely different reason than me, but I have to get to know this person before I can start asking them to purchase.

How to Ask the Right Questions

You also need to find out what they want in their cart, not what we want them to have in their cart. 

Take a moment to ask them what’s going on in their life so you can create the right solution for them. 

The next thing that happens when people are saying no, okay, first and foremost, let me just say, if they’re saying no, then you are doing one thing very, very, very, right? You’re asking, you have to ask, right? And people who, hem and hall, and I’ll get back to you and I’ll let you know and this and that. When it gets time, the end of the sale is coming, the end of the month is coming, whatever it is, reach back out to them and say, Hey, we’ve been talking about this for a couple of weeks.

When Prospects Are Indecisive

If people say, “I’ll get back to you,” then you should know you’re doing one thing right: you’re asking. This is essentially, “no.” Here’s what to do when you don’t get a direct response:

  1. Respect their answer
  2. Reach back out during a sale

When an Amare sale comes around, ask them if today’s the day! If they’re still unsure, take this as a “no,” and respect it.

  1. Follow up and be a good friend

Don’t constantly ask them to buy Amare products. Ask them about something you learned about them in the initial conversation.

  1. Keep sharing what you’re sharing

Keep posting about Amare. They have the ability to reach out to you late if they’re ready

The Bottom Line About Receiving a “No”

If you constantly ask people to jump into Amare, you’re going to alienate yourself from your friends and family. That kind of thing is one of the things that gives network marketing a bad rap. 

Be bold enough to go meet new people, share differently, ask tons of questions, and you will turn your nos into yeses.

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