If you feel like you need to get back to feeling like your best self, this pack is tailored to fit your needs

The Happy Hormones Pack combines three main products: GBX Fit, Ignite (His or Hers), and Mood+. Recognizing hormones’ vital role as messengers within the body, and these all-natural proprietary blends help to support three of the body’s most significant hormonal channels: metabolic hormones, stress hormones, and sex steroids.  

What Does the Happy Hormones Pack Do?

The Happy Hormones Pack naturally harmonizes hormonal equilibrium, cultivates healthy sexual desire, and fosters a joyful and optimistic mood.

Key Products in the Happy Hormones Pack

GBX Fit: Your Path to Balance

GBX Fit is the world’s first QUADbiotic. It supports overall weight loss and uplifts your mood, while taking on bloating and inflammation.

  • Elevate Mood
  • Reduce Bloating and Inflammation
  • Manage Weight

Ignite (His or Hers): Ignite Your Vitality

Ignite is thoughtfully designed to boost natural sexual well-being. Ignite encourages sexual vitality, arousal, and desire, ensuring a fulfilling intimate experience, while helping to boost your mood.

  • Rekindle Sexual Vitality
  • Ignite Arousal and Desire

Mood+: Elevate Your Mood Naturally

Mood+ is a blend of potent adaptogenic herbs used for millenia to nurture a content and cheerful mood.

  • Support a Joyful Mood
  • Harness Adaptogenic Power
  • Experience True Harmony

Elevate your journey to rediscover your best self with the Amare Happy Hormones Pack.