Amare’s Kids Calm Gummies: The All Natural, Melatonin-Free Solution for Children & Teens

Parenthood does not have to be defined by sleep (or the lack of sleep)! 

But when children struggle to sleep, it doesn’t just affect their development, behavior, and mood. It also impacts the entire family’s sleep routine. That’s why Amare has introduced their new Kids Calm Gummies. 

These delicious fruit-flavored gummies are designed to help children get better sleep naturally and without the use of melatonin.

If your child is struggling to sleep through the night, Kids Calm Gummies can be the natural solution you’ve been looking for. With their melatonin-free formula and a blend of vitamins and minerals, these gummies promote relaxation, better mood, and restful sleep.

The Importance of Quality Sleep

Sleep deprivation in kids and teens is a serious issue. Inadequate sleep can lead to heightened stress, impulsivity, sadness, aggression, and behavioral challenges. It can affect cognitive functions, including working memory, conflict resolution, and learning. 

Insufficient sleep can even impact brain development, potentially leading to a deficit in gray matter.

How Disruption in Routines Impacts Children’s Sleep

Children are routine-driven. Factors like the disruption caused by COVID-19 have contributed to children’s sleep problems. 

Changes in routines, schooling, and sports have led to sleep disturbances in many children. Parents, naturally, want to help their children sleep better, and this has led to increased melatonin use. Unlike many sleep supplements, Amare’s Kids Calm Gummies are melatonin-free. 

The Dangers of Melatonin

This is significant because melatonin overdoses in children have surged by over 530% in the past decade. With the melatonin industry offering increasingly higher doses, the risk has escalated. 

Melatonin usage can result in grogginess, hangovers, and potentially disrupt natural melatonin production, possibly even delaying puberty.

Even 50 milligram melatonin supplements are available now. It’s critical to be cautious due to the potential dangers of overdosing.

Introducing Kids Calm Gummies: The Solution

Kids Calm Gummies are more than just a sleep aid; they’re designed for relaxation and calming anytime a child needs it. 

Unique Blend of Vitamins & Minerals

The unique blend supports natural melatonin and serotonin production, promoting better sleep quality and mood during the day. 

Key Ingredients for Natural Sleep

Kids Calm Gummies are infused with vitamins and minerals that support relaxation and sleep quality. Ingredients like magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin B6 promote calm and mood stability. 


  • B12 & B6 promote mood regulation, natural calm, and restful sleep. 
  • D3 aids calm and relaxation to help wind down and prepare for sleep.
  • Magnesium & Maizinolpromote calm and relaxation

Other Ingredients

  • Blueberry juice sweetens without added sugar and adds a punchy purple color
  • Citrus pectin is a plant-based ingredient that creates a gummy texture without gelatin.
  • Prebiotic fibers and other natural compounds contribute to a healthy gut-brain connection.

The Maizinol Advantage: Restorative Sleep without Addiction

Kids Calm Gummies contain Maizinol, a hormone-free natural supplement that enhances the most restorative stages of sleep. 

Unlike sedative hypnotics, Maizinol improves sleep cycles without causing addiction. This feature, along with the use of plant-based ingredients, makes Kids Calm Gummies a safe and effective solution.

The gummies are vegan and free from sugar, caffeine, GMOs, gluten, soy, and dairy. 

They contain no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. With Kids Calm Gummies, children wake up rested, free from grogginess, and with improved mood and sleep quality.

Usage and Benefits

Kids Calm Gummies are easy to use – simply take them 30 minutes before bedtime. For children ages 4 and up, take 1-2 gummies to relax, wind down, and sleep.

Pair with Kids Mood+ if your child is feeling stress throughout the day.

How to Order

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