Multiple scientific studies have shown that the ingredients in Kids Mood+ provide significant benefits for mood support, including making our kids more stress resilient, having greater cognitive performance, more calmness, more focus, and more positivity, all in a very easy-to-digest powder, perfect for kids’, teens, and adults of all ages.

It is an adaptogenic supplement.


Key Ingredients

Saffron helps to improve feel-good neurotransmitters, reduces cellular damage, and lowers stress hormones. Holy basil helps support stress regulation and provides anti-inflammatory activity. Rosemary increases mental focus and enhances immunity.

Other Ingredients

  • Clove Flower Extract
  • Oregano Leaf Extract
  • IsoFiberTM Prebiotic Fiber (Iso-Malto-Oligosaccharides) – naturally occurring prebiotic that helps to feed probiotics
  • Natural Sweetener Blend (Xylitol, Erythritol, Stevia Leaf Extract)
  • Natural Fruit Flavors Blend (Orange Fruit, Grapefruit, Lemon Fruit, Vanilla, Turmeric, Citric Acid)
  • Rice Hulls


It’s used to help children build immune resilience.

It also helped to alleviate inflammation in the pilot clinical trial. Children expressed greater focus, more attention, an improved mood, listened better, and they had less tension and irritation. They also had an improved performance on schoolwork, math work, reading, writing, as well as better social relationships.

Saffron has been specifically studied in teens and young children who are just not able to focus, who have sadness in their life.

For kids and parents it can be used for an improved mood and stress resilience.

How to Use

Add the supplement to Happy Juice or cut the sachet and eat it straight.

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How to Order

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