As children and teenagers grow, their minds and bodies are in continual development, but we overlook how important that development is when we’re young. We don’t take enough time to promote our physical health and take care of our physical body at a young age, and we certainly don’t spend enough time focusing on the mental health of our youth.

Adverse childhood experiences, those traumatic, stressful experiences that happen when we are young, are one of the most indicative predictors of disease later in life.

It’s important that we truly focus on our health from the time that we are born all the way into adulthood. Mental wellness can no longer be an afterthought in children, especially in a post-COVID era where children have experienced so much stress unlike anything that has been seen in the past.

We need to bring mental wellness to the forefront. It’s the primary driver of health and happiness across a lifespan.

Kids and teens need products that will not only help them develop, but will optimize and support both their mind and their body. The Amare Kids’ pack is all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, sugar free, and contains no preservatives, no artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners. It’s complete mind and body nutrition for children and teenagers.


In the Kids’ Pack, you get all three of Amare’s kids’ products that support the entire gut and brain access, improve physical and mental wellbeing, and deliver more than 50 vitamins and minerals, promotes positivity and mental focus, all in an on all natural and non-synthetic group of products. And so inside of the Kids’ Pack, you get three products in here.

It is comprehensively designed for the mind and body. It contains Amare GBX+ Proprietary Blend:

  • Asian Apple from Central Asia for antioxidants and beneficial gut bacteria
  • French Grape for flavanoids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and gut-brain axis communication
  • New Zealand Pine Bark, a nootropic for mental function support, energy, concentration, and extra antioxidants
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract reduces swelling, sense of fullness & digestive upset, adds antioxidants
  • Ginger Root for travel sickness, nausea, digestive upset; when combined with artichoke leaf extract improves digestive function and gastrointestinal motility

Included Products

  • Kids’ FundaMentals – probiotic, prebiotic, phytobiotic, fiber (similar to MentaBiotics)
  • Kids’ VitaGBX- children’s multiple vitamin that balances body & mind, supports healthy immune function, contains key nutrients and antioxidants to fight free radicals, supports bone health with calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc
  • Kids’ Mood+ – promotes stress resilience & positivity, provides calm to body & mind, supports mental focus, promotes healthy stress response & healthy cortisol levels, helps normalize serotonin and dopamine activity, supports the immune system

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