How Not to Sound Salesy

So many people get hung up on sounding too salesy. The secret? Learning how to be genuine when presenting yourself and your product. 

The goal is to become aware of your target audience’s needs and present a solution. When you are genuinely solving your prospect’s problems, it’s a win-win. That person is grateful for a solution and you gain a new customer! You have to be the guide that leads people to the solutions to their issues. 

This starts with getting to know your customer first. Start the conversation and find out what their concerns are. Then come up with a plan to present them with solutions that will work for them.

Instead of focusing on how salesy you feel, focus on genuinely addressing the problems of your prospects. You’ll no longer feel like you are “selling” to your friends when you start solving their problems!

Come watch this video to learn more about the art of not sounding too salesy.