The Transformation Pack is the perfect pack to start with if you’re ready to accelerate your weight loss support and could benefit from the nootropics that boost mental clarity.

Why Purchase the Transformation Pack?

If you need weight loss support, improved gut health, decreased bloating and inflammation, regulation of your appetite and food cravings, more motivation and a better mood to take you to the gym, plus progressive anti-aging benefits over time, the Transformation Pack is perfect for you.

Key Products 

The Transformation Pack includes two main products, GBX Fit and Edge.


This is the world’s first quadbiotic that helps to reduce inflammation and bloating, regulates appetite, reduces stress, and shreds belly fat over time.


EDGE comes in watermelon and grape. It contains three main ingredients: 

  • Mango leaf: helps with motivation 
  • Leche fruit: helps with metabolism 
  • Palm fruit: puts you in a good mood to work out