The Amare FundaMentals Pack PLUS targets and supports the primary physiological drivers of mental wellness. This pack contains comprehensive nutrition for all three brains: the gut, brain and heart.

An optimized gut-brain axis:

  • Improves mood
  • Supports mental sharpness
  • Enhances stress resilience

But did you know that your third brain, the heart, also plays a role in mental wellness? 

Our three brains: gut (sensing brain), mind/brain (thinking brain) and heart (feeling brain) determine our emotions. These are the most powerful tools in optimizing our overall mental wellness. Your gut is your intuition and instinct resource. Your head is the logical and analytical source. And finally, your heart is the emotional, passionate and artistic approach to your well- being. When in sync, these three brains balance your mental wellness.

What It’s For
The Amare FundaMentals Pack PLUS supports all three brains.

Like the FundaMentals Pack, this bundle includes MentaBiotics for your gut, MentaFocus for your brain, and MentaSync for your immune system. It also contains MentaHeart, for your heart.

The products included in this pack provide comprehensive nutrition for all three brains to improve mental wellness.

Ingredient Highlight
MentaSync contains Amare’s alpha-beta glucan proprietary blend to support the immune system.

MentaFocus contains pomegranate extract, which improves memory and brain activation.

MentaBiotics combines probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics for optimum gut health.

Finally, MentaHeart features key ingredients to optimize the heart.

Companion Products
Depending on your needs, the FundaMentals Pack pairs well with Mood+, Relief+, Sleep+, and Energy+.