If you’re new to Amare, figuring out an entire product line can be confusing. Check out this video to learn about Lindsey’s favorite products. Because sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Product Highlight

GBX SeedFiber does the silent work on the background. MentaBiotics  takes a couple of weeks to really reinvigorate that microbiome. So that’s why I love this combination – you’re working slowly on your microbiome in the background and you’re feeling the powerful effects of Mood+, Edge, and Energy+ right off the bat.

GBX Seedfiber: Most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diets. The average American only eats about 10 grams of fiber, even though we know we need 40 to 50 to be truly healthy. And when you don’t get enough fiber, guess what? You are prone to inflammation, GI problems, not having excellent bowel movements. We at Amare want super healthy bowel movements because that’s a great indication that our microbiome is healthy and supporting us.

SeedFiber has zero flavor. That means that you can put it in marinara sauce, soup, cake batter, cookies, smoothies, anything. You’re going to get 14% of your daily allowance of fiber in each and every dose.

Happy Juice Pack:

  • MentaBiotics – This is a cornerstone product. It makes every Amare product work better.
  • EDGE – Gives you that extra “edge” to boost brain power and physical energy.
  • Energy+ – A mental fitness product that delivers rapid improvements in brain and physical performance.

Mood+ – Super powerful adaptogenic herbs alongside herbs that help improve focus and mood. It reduces cortisol while increasing dopamine and serotonin. Best of all, it works fast and effectively when you need it most.

GBX SeedFiber – Tasteless, so you can add it to any recipe or meal to add a healthy dose of fiber to your diet. Made from quality ingredients, so it is superior to any other fiber product on the market. It contains anti-inflammatory fibers from: