Introducing the first product of its kind to support mental wellness through the heart-brain axis. MentaHeart features key ingredients backed by multiple clinical studies shown to help optimize the heart, the body’s third brain.

MentaHeart & the Heart-Brain Axis

There is a newly discovered pathway known as the heart-brain axis. Not that many people are talking about the heart-brain axis, but studies have now shown that the heart is the body’s third brain containing almost 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn, and remember. So similar to the gut-brain axis, the heart-brain axis is closely connected to one another. The heart sends messages to the brain about what it needs, how the body feels, and really how the overall emotional self is doing. 

When the heart is not in optimal conditions, mental wellness problems may manifest and be misunderstood as an issue within the brain, even though they are actually originating from your heart; we actually know this intuitively. We don’t think about our heart having its own intelligence, but have you ever known somebody who suffered from a broken heart? Some people say that they die of broken hearts, and that is exactly what we’re talking about: that ability of the heart to sense our emotional self and convey that information to the brain. 

MentaHeart helps connect what we feel to what we know, and it helps us to balance those out and to create real, tangible, meaningful physical changes in our bodies.

What is MentaHeart For?

MentaHeart contains a range of nutrients to not just improve heart efficiency, but overall heart health as well. And improving heart health also improves mental wellness significantly.

Studies have now shown that the heart is the body’s third brain, containing approximately 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn, and remember. Similar to the gut-brain axis, the heart and brain are also closely connected via the heart-brain axis. The heart sends messages to the brain about what it needs, how the body feels, and more. When the heart is not in optimal condition, mental wellness problems may manifest. Many people misunderstand these as issues with the brain, when they actually originate from the heart.

The first product of its kind to support mental wellness through the heart-brain axis, MentaHeart helps connect what we feel (heart/emotions) to what we know (brain/intelligence).

How Does MentaHeart Work?

A recent clinical trial showed that MentaHeart can help to improve the physical functioning of the heart, including promoting greater cardiac efficiency, increased parasympathetic tone, as well as improved heart rate variability. Heart rate variability is one of the most important markers of your overall health and wellness in your entire body. It looks at when you experience a stressor and analyzes how quickly your heart can return to normal. When there is a high heart rate variability, the body is better able to manage stress and less likely to have cardiovascular problems in the future.

But MentaHeart doesn’t just stop there. It’s not just about physical manifestations of the heart. It also helps to improve mental fitness by improving things like tension, sadness, anger, less fatigue, less confusion and increased vigor, and an overall 23% improvement in our mood.

Ingredient Highlight

PFBc™ Palm fruit extract decreases oxidative stress to support normal blood pressure. These are 100% natural non GMO water soluble compounds that help to optimize cardiac output while simultaneously decreasing the workload and pressure on the heart. This leads to a reduction in overall oxidative stress, which helps you to preserve your mental well wellness

Bergavit® Bergamot extract helps support normal cholesterol levels. It’s important for your metabolic processes, and it also helps to maintain cholesterol within a normal range. It’s a powerful antioxidant.

Astazine® Astaxanthin promotes brain health. Cardiovascular support decreases our stress markers and improves cognitive function. High astaxanthin algae extract is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it has broad-ranging health benefits for everything from better skin, better exercise performance, better heart health, to better joint health, and may even have a potential role in helping to reduce the risk of some of the longer term chronic chronic conditions that affect us as we get older. 

CoQ10 increases the absorption of nutrients and helps to provide energy for our cells. It has antioxidant activities as well as being very, very powerful in preventing the onset of illnesses. People who have adequate levels of CoQ10 are less likely to be plagued by illnesses throughout their life.

Thymoquin™ Black cumin seed oil enhances memory and cognitive health, as well as supporting the body’s inflammatory response. It helps to regulate blood sugar. It helps to maintain cholesterol, it enhances memory, it helps with cognitive, and it also helps to prevent cardiovascular problems by helping to maintain our normal healthy cholesterol levels. We know that when people supplement with black cumin seed oil, it really can help to lower cardiac risk factors. Black cumin seed oil, along with the other ingredients in MentaHeart are helping us to conquer metabolic illness. 88% of Americans suffer from at least one marker of metabolic disease, the number one killer in the United States.

Other Ingredients

HBX Proprietary Blend 320 mg

  • PFBCTM Palm Fruit Bioactives Complex (Elaeis guineensis)
  • Bergavit® 40 Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) Fruit Extract
  • Thymoquin ™M Black Cumin Seed Oil (Nigella sativa)
  • AquaCelle* CoEnzyme-Q10
  • AstaZine Astaxathin Oil (Haematococcus pluvialis)

Other Ingredients

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Beeswax
  • Purified Water
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Castor Oil
  • Coconut Oil Fractionated
  • Citrus Oil
  • Oat Oil
  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • D-Alpha Tocopherol

*Aquacelle-CoQ10 is a registered trademark of Pharmako Pty Ltd. Bergavit 40 is a registered trademark of Bionap.S.r.l

Companion Product

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